Compendium doesn’t just find your data. It puts it where you need it.

The Automation Hub moves data easily, with one simple click.

With Compendium, your data team can simply search for the data they need and click a button to import it to the data warehouse, if it’s not there already. No time is wasted converting the data—and you get what you need faster than ever.

Did you know?

If you purchase the Compendium Data Catalog, the Automation Hub is included for free. 

“Compendium’s Automation Hub has saved our team hundreds of hours on busywork—so we can focus on strategic work instead.”

Are you waiting too long for your reports?

Does this scenario sound familiar? You need a new report, you submit a request, and, sometimes, you have what you need in a day or two. Other times, you’re waiting and waiting, maybe for weeks.

Why does it sometimes take so long?

Most of your organization’s data has been pulled into a data warehouse, where it can be easily accessed for reports and dashboards—but sometimes the data you need hasn’t yet been added to the data warehouse. The data team has to find it, convert it, and import it before they can even start on your report. For a busy data team, this task can sit in a queue for a week or two before they have time to get to it.

The Compendium Automation Hub eliminates the wait.

Without Compendium

1. The report writer sends it to a data architect.

2. It waits in the queue.

3. The data architect imports the data.

4. The ticket goes into a queue for the report writer.

5. It waits in the queue.

6. The report writer delivers the report.

With Compendium

1. The report writer checks a box in Compendium and the data is automatically imported overnight.

2. The report writer delivers the report

Save time moving, converting, and cleaning data.

The Compendium Automation Hub is included free with every Compendium subscription. Schedule a 15-minute demo and we’ll show you how it works.

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