The Compendium Enterprise Data Catalog: Turning Mayhem into Momentum

Imagine an enterprise data catalog that gives everyone, techie and non-techie alike, a clear picture of what data is available, what it means, and where to find it. Imagine the teams who support your information assets united through shared knowledge and code. Think of the time saved, the stress reduced, the collaboration and momentum!

enterprise data catalog team

When people are able to understand, trust, share, and work confidently with data, metrics, and reliable analytics insights – amazing things happen.

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Of course, achieving success with an enterprise data catalog is a process, even with the most amazing tool on the market (if we do say so ourselves). This is why it’s key to have a partner who will work with you for the long haul. Let’s start the process of transforming data into better decisions for your teams, your organization, and your patient care.

Clarity and Transparency

Give teams the full picture of reports, dashboards, metrics, data warehouse tables and columns, data definitions, business glossary definitions, and more – plus the metadata about those assets. Eliminate time-wasting confusion about parameters, calculations, and metrics with transparent, in-source definitions.

Collaboration and Connectivity

Share insights and information quickly across your organization. Boost trust and enterprise-wide development and productivity.

Governance and Ownership

Clarify owners, stewards, and decision makers of all assets.

Compendium Features

Healthcare-relevant connectors

Pull metadata from systems commonly used in healthcare such as Business Objects (Crystal Reports, Web Intelligence Reports, Universes), Qlik, Microsoft Power BI, and more. We also provide custom connector development.

Compendium Metric Hub

Defining metrics is a good start, but we’ve found that if you don’t put your metric data and metric definitions in one place, things get mixed up very quickly. Learn more about the Compendium Metric Hub, which comes complimentary with Compendium.

Enterprise data governance templates for healthcare

Committee structures and agenda examples, data issue resolution processes and prioritization criteria, job descriptions, data curation examples, data literacy materials, and more.

A searchable, expandable, web-based front end

Designed with non-technical users in mind. Add new objects and metadata. Track metadata on reports, dashboards, metrics, data warehouse tables and columns, semantic layers, helpful SQL queries, etc.

User community input

End users can add input and notes, and even update object descriptions if enabled. Admins can add and configure object types and create custom hierarchies – all without bringing in a web developer.

A support team!

We’re here for you through install, training, and beyond.