Health Tech Company Launches Data Catalog Aimed at Solving Healthcare-Specific Data Governance Challenges


(MINNEAPOLIS)—DTA Healthcare Solutions, a healthcare data governance management and consulting firm, today announced the launch of Compendium, a data catalog that solves healthcare-specific data governance challenges such as data sprawl, data ownership confusion and metric chaos.

Compendium, formerly known as the Business Intelligence Catalog, features consolidated information about reports, dashboards, metrics, data warehouse tables and more. It allows insights and information to be shared quickly and consistently across healthcare provider organizations.

“We are committed to helping healthcare organizations turn their data into their best possible decisions,” DTA Healthcare Solutions Founding Partner and CEO Kevin Campbell said. “The revamped Compendium continues to focus on solving healthcare-specific data governance challenges.”

The data catalog, which can be installed in as little as three weeks, was designed to help healthcare organizations improve clinical and management decisions, provide high-quality patient care and meet data completeness standards and benchmarks through better use of their data. It includes a searchable, easy-to-use, web-based interface and can connect to source systems such as SAP Business Objects and Power BI to automate data imports.

Along with the launch of Compendium, DTA Healthcare Solutions changed its name from DTA Associates to better reflect its commitment to helping healthcare organizations meet their data management needs.

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