Taming Your Healthcare Data with a Data Catalog

Imagine everyone having a crystal-clear view of all your organization’s information assets – what’s available and how to use it. Imagine your teams getting data in profoundly more useful ways that drive efficiency, creativity and teamwork. Imagine consensus, trusted results and unprecedented transparency. 

Turn your data into the best possible decisions

Unlike other platforms, Compendium focuses on solving healthcare-specific data challenges without the bloat of functionality designed for other industries. Here are some key outcomes to expect from Compendium.

  1. Increased visibility and trust in your data
  2. Standardized and centralized metrics
  3. Improved data governance and elimination of data silos

We help healthcare providers reach their internal objectives

“Using the Compendium Data Catalog has made reporting and analytics at Mille Lacs Health a lot less complex – people know where to go to find reports and definitions. And with the Metric Hub our process to develop and validate metrics (and keep them all straight!) is drastically improved.”

–Amy Ninham, Health Information Manager, Mille Lacs Health System

A force for efficiency. A catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and discovery.

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