The Streamlined Solution for Financial, Operational, and Quality Metrics in Healthcare

We call it metric chaos. It’s what happens when multiple departments create hundreds of metrics with no clear, easy way to find how those metrics are defined and used. Or worse, they use metrics with similar names but different definitions, causing endless confusion and rework.

Quality Metrics in Healthcare

Metric chaos happens when metric outcomes and metric definitions are not housed together in tight formation. When you separate a metric from its definition home, definitions become a free-for-all, with people recreating them in whatever tool they happen to be working in. People talk about data governance and analytics governance, but we think metric governance is an idea whose time has come!

quality metrics in healthcare dots

The Compendium Metric Hub is a completely unique mini data warehouse/data catalog hybrid that prevents and eliminates metric chaos. It organizes clinical, financial, operational, and quality metrics in healthcare organizations into one centralized, well-governed repository.

The Compendium Metric Hub houses both the definition of each measure (along with ownership, inclusions/exclusions, etc.) and the actual measure outcomes. Reports and dashboards then pull from the Metric Hub to ensure flawless consistency and transparency. It is the key to a truly cohesive use of metrics across your organization.

Acquiring a metric repository like this often means a massive investment in a much larger platform, but the Metric Hub comes complimentary with the Compendium Data Catalog. The Metric Hub is customizable, and we will happily help you configure it to work with your scorecards and dashboards.