Data Catalogs, the Dream

The dream for all data catalogs is the same: an organized home for information about reports, dashboards, data warehouses, and more.

A force for efficiency. A catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and discovery.

data catalogs the reality

Data Catalogs, the Reality

The reality in most organizations is a bit different: dreaded data sprawl. Multiple sources, analytics systems, metrics, and definitions. An “everyone but no one” sense of data ownership. And the draining feeling of a constant uphill battle with your data, instead of data that works for you.

DTA Healthcare Solutions was founded by healthcare data professionals who have been there. We just couldn’t find what we wanted from data catalogs out there.

We wanted a dream come true.

Introducing Compendium

Compendium is the brainchild of people who have spent years in the trenches wrestling with healthcare data. We learned what worked, what didn’t work, what was essential, and what living the dream would look like. The result is an affordable, smart, streamlined data catalog that we think is the ultimate tool for turning data into your best possible decisions.

data catalogs compendium

Imagine everyone having a crystal-clear view of all your organization’s information assets – what’s available and how to use it. Imagine your teams getting data in profoundly more useful ways that drive efficiency, creativity and teamwork. Imagine consensus, trusted results and unprecedented transparency. If that’s your dream, let’s talk about Compendium.

Built by healthcare professionals who get it.

We know what it is to have someone dump a tool on you and then disappear, so we go the extra mile (or 100 extra miles) for our clients – from training to install to ongoing support. We’re here for you every step of the way, and we’re committed to Compendium being your data dream come true.

“Compendium is easy to use, it’s easy to configure, and the best part about this product is it helps support data governance by creating transparency. Compendium empowers customers to answer questions on their own, and it empowers the report writing team to be more efficient. The Compendium team is easy to work with – we had a special data source we needed to bring in and you made it happen for us. Now we’re considering expanding our use of the data catalog to our EHR affiliate customers.”

Chuck Anderson, Business Analytics and Reporting, North Memorial Health

A fraction of the cost

Acquiring a data catalog of this quality usually means spending a lot of money. Compendium is an incredible value. There are no user fees; the whole point of data catalogs is to get everybody aligned, so we don’t charge per user. Everyone on your network has access. Compendium is also a compact solution, built around core functionality to keep costs down so you don’t pay big money to use only 20% of the product, like with other tools.

Web-based and intuitive

Compendium is for all levels of users.

Highly customizable

Admins can add objects, customize and configure without calling in a developer.


Includes advanced search functions and filters.

Key connectors

Allows you to seamlessly pull data from the systems you use the most.

Compendium Metric Hub

Compendium’s Metric Hub is included for centralization and governance of your quality, financial, and operational metrics.

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