Trust your data to the healthcare data experts.

Anyone who’s interacted with healthcare data for any amount of time knows there’s a lot of it — and most of it is incredibly complex. The sheer number of reports, dashboards, and metrics at any moderately sized healthcare organization can be completely overwhelming.

All of us at Compendium are data experts who’ve spent our careers working in healthcare, both as employees and as consultants. We’re passionate about solving the unique challenges healthcare data creates, and we are committed to empowering healthcare organizations to succeed.

We’ve tried all the other data catalogs.

Our team has actively used and implemented the top data catalogs on the market, on behalf of our healthcare clients. Every single one is not only missing the features we actually need in healthcare, they also include extra features we’d never use but still have to pay for — things that were built for the financial or retail industries.

That’s why we developed Compendium.

Compendium is the only data catalog designed by healthcare experts for healthcare experts, and it’s the only solution that truly supports healthcare organizations.

We’re an entire team, here to make data easy for you.

When you purchase a Compendium solution, like the Data Catalog or Metric Hub, you also gain access to our whole team of experts. We work closely with you to help you make the most of the software. Everyone on our team also works as consultants with DTA Healthcare Solutions, where we use, test, and improve Compendium every day in real-world healthcare scenarios, based on what actual healthcare organizations need.

Wondering if Compendium is right for your organization?

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