A powerful metric hub, robust enough for healthcare metrics.

Standardize your dashboards and reports, the easy way.

Our Healthcare Metric Hub makes it easy to organize and define all of your organization’s metrics in one central location. It’s a central repository that holds the definitions, rules, and details of every metric from every data source throughout your organization — clinical, financial, and operational — all in one place.

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Did you know?

If you purchase the Compendium Data Catalog, the Metric Hub is included for free. 

“It’s allowed people to drill into the data and have good conversations.”

Deb Balabon, Manager of Analytics, Hennepin Healthcare

We do the heavy lifting for you.

To get you started, we work closely with your team to establish and define your metrics.

  • We guide you through the process of identifying key metrics to pilot.
  • We facilitate conversations within your organization to gain alignment on the definition, logic, and ownership of each metric.
  • We develop the pilot metrics and populate your hub.
  • We help you incorporate the metrics into your dashboards.
  • And we train your team to continue adding to the metric hub over time.

“The Metric Hub makes a huge difference for us.”

Becky Kohler, Director of Informatics and Analytics, Hennepin Healthcare

How to: Solve metric chaos with a Healthcare Metric Hub

10 minutes

In a healthcare setting, having accurate, consistent metrics is critical. For example, is every department in your organization defining “Total Visits” and “Length of Stay” the same way? Are you sure? Or is everyone just assuming they’re aligned?

In this 10-minute video, you’ll see how this powerful tool can leverage your SQL definitions, serve up a dashboard in any platform you choose, and help ensure transparent insights and consistent care organization-wide.

Does your healthcare organization need a data catalog?

Are you curious if the Compendium Data Catalog or Metric Hub could really make your organization more efficient and your leaders more informed? We offer data & analytics assessments as a stand-alone offering — or you can sign up for occasional insight emails to see if Compendium is right for you.

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“Setting up the Metric Hub kind of forces us to have conversations like, ‘When you say X, are you talking about this? Or this? How do you actually define that thing?’”

Becky Kohler, Director of Informatics and Analytics, Hennepin Healthcare