Healthcare data isn’t like other data.

Compendium is the only data catalog that’s built by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. We understand the nuances, regulations, sensitivities, and specialized data needs of a healthcare organization.

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Six Ways Compendium Supports Your IT Goals

You don’t need the bulk (and cost!) of a data catalog built for multinational brands. You do need the security of a solution built for healthcare.

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Get all the features you need for healthcare, and none of the costs you don’t.

“Leadership is very happy.”

Kim O’Brien, Information Architect, Hennepin Healthcare

What makes Compendium so powerful?

The Compendium Data Catalog is designed to address the specific challenges unique to healthcare. It’s built to address needs that aren’t included in generic data catalogs, and it’s streamlined to eliminate costly features that only apply to other industries.

So you get more power for less investment, with everything you need to build a self-serve data culture and, ultimately, to support healthier patient outcomes and a healthier bottom line.

Plus: Compendium is the only data catalog that includes a Healthcare Metric Hub.

“They have truly helped us become a better organization.”

Mark Matthias MD, VP Medical Affairs, St. Cloud Hospital

It’s maximum results for minimal effort.

Fast, seamless installation

Up and running in six weeks or less.

Easy, intuitive interface

Anyone who can Google can figure it out.

On-premise hardware

Keeps your healthcare data secure.

Free training & support

We’re here to help build your self-serve data culture.

Less cost, more streamlined

No user fees, no upcharges, and no expensive features you’ll never need.

Make sure your data investments pay off.

If your healthcare organization has invested in a digital transformation — or is considering it — be sure you add Compendium to the mix. The more healthcare data you generate, the more important it is that everyone is able to find it when they need it.

Because data your healthcare team can’t find is worse than no data at all.

We’re here to help you focus on what matters.

When information is easily accessible, and no one has to run in circles to track down what they need, your healthcare team is free to focus on patients — and your data team is free to pursue strategic initiatives that will move your organization forward.


With a self-serve data culture in place, everyone can work smarter.

“Our population health and performance improvement teams were always needing data—and now they’re using Compendium heavily.”

Regina Duval, Manager of Analytics, CentraCare

See it to believe it.

One of the reasons Compendium is so powerful is it’s so easy to use. Watch these mini-demos to see how Compendium can support your self-serve data culture as a simple tool that anyone in your healthcare organization can use.

How to: Find a report in Compendium.

1 minute

What if your CMO wants to know how many Emergency Department visits there were last year, and you’re pretty sure a report like that already exists within your organization. Where do you look?

Watch this one-minute video to see how easy it is to search for anything you want to find in Compendium — whether you know exactly what you’re looking for, or you want to see what might be there.

Does your healthcare organization need a data catalog?

Are you curious if the Compendium Data Catalog or Metric Hub could really make your organization more efficient and your leaders more informed? We offer data & analytics assessments as a stand-alone offering—or you can sign up for occasional insight emails to see if Compendium is right for you.

“I’ve wanted this tool for a long time.”

Dan Kotsmith, Business Intelligence Manager, CentraCare

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