Compendium v2.4 Release Notes

We’re excited to share our latest release with you, and we’ve got our next release (you guessed it, v2.5!) already underway.


Here are the highlights of Compendium v2.4:

  • Significant Enhancements to Related ObjectsCompendium shows you how data is interconnected across your organization—and now we’ve made those connections even more insightful.
  • NEW: Visual Data Lineage!
    The Related Objects enhancements make visualization of data lineage possible, and we’re thrilled to share this new feature with you. It’s technically still in beta but we think you’re going to want to implement it right away.
  • New Imports and More Exports
    You can now import data from spreadsheets, and you can also now export any field you want (and save the export definition for reuse).
  • Lots of Improvements to the User Interface
    We’ve added plenty of new features, like drop-down lists that help guide the data-entry process, an edit button on the front end (for those with edit permissions), better headers that are more clear, and more!
  • Cookies

More information about the new functionality, improvements, and fixes follows below. Reach out to us at for a demo of the new functionality and/or to move ahead with getting it installed!


Change Log for Compendium 2.4

New Features

  • Visual data lineage! Note: this functionality is currently in beta testing.
  • Admins can now import data into Compendium from Excel and comma-separated text files.
  • You can now export any field available to you, not just the name and description. You can also save the export configuration to easily run again later.
  • For manually entered metrics, drop-down lists can now be created and associated with data entry fields to improve data integrity.
  • Drop-down lists can also be created and associated with metadata fields so that manually entered metadata can be better governed.
  • For admin users and users with edit permissions on specific objects, an edit icon on the object detail page allows quicker and easier access to update information.


  • We’ve significantly revamped the related objects functionality:
    • Grid columns are now defined at the object type level, so when object A shows up in the related objects grid for object B, the grid columns that show are determined by the object type configuration of object A.
    • Related objects go in both directions, meaning you only need to enter a related object pair once, and it will result in the related object grids showing up on each side of the pair (if “grid” is selected as a display type).
  • We’ve revamped the Configure New Manually Entered Metric page so that it only involves configuration of manually entered metrics, not data entry, and allows for editing of the configuration.
  • Many more icons are now available to associate with object types.
  • On the Object Type configuration page in the admin, if a field has already been configured, it is removed from the drop-down list.
  • We’ve added pagination to change history on the Object Detail page.
  • We’ve standardized page titles.
  • Several improvements have been made to the look and feel of the Change Metadata page in the admin.
  • We’ve made improvements to the Change Object Type page (clearer headers, more configuration rows available by default, etc.)
  • We’ve revamped the Metadata Object Permission page to make it more user-friendly.
  • The Compendium Object ID and Archive Date (if populated) fields now always show on the Object Detail page.
  • Addendums are now sorted newest to oldest.


All of these issues have been resolved:

  • SourceRowCNT was showing up twice on the object detail page.
  • Label for FormattedSQLErrorDSC in the admin Change Metadata page was incorrect.
  • Long text without spaces was not wrapping properly on the object detail page.
  • In certain situations, the post-search filtering was not working correctly.
  • An object was able to be made a child of itself, causing an infinite drill-down on the homepage hierarchy.
  • Back button was not working properly after searching.
  • Saved searches with apostrophes weren’t deleting properly.


How to Update

If you’re interested in implementing v2.4, reach out to your Compendium coach or email and we’ll get you going!