Not sure what’s the best way to improve your data and analytics?

We can help you know where to start.

Are you frustrated with your healthcare data? Do you need it to be more organized? Accessible? Consistent? Do you want to improve your ability to perform meaningful, accurate analytics? Are you concerned about your data governance practices? We can help.

Our consulting team has worked exclusively with organizations like yours on exactly these issues for over a decade, and no one knows how to improve healthcare data better than us. We provide a Healthcare Data & Analytics Assessment that can quickly reveal the root cause of your data challenges and identify the smartest way for you to see real improvements. We’d love to help you know where to focus.

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Is this really an objective assessment?

We’re not here to “assessment” you into purchasing Compendium. In fact, the solutions we recommend don’t always even include Compendium, and it’s never only Compendium — because we look at many things in your organization to find all the ways you could make your healthcare data work harder for you.

We developed Compendium based on what we found was lacking in other data catalogs on the market, and we believe it’s the best way to solve a lot of challenges with healthcare data — but we’ll only recommend it when it’s actually needed.

What our assessments include:

Our team will assess your organization’s maturity in business intelligence (BI), analytics, and enterprise data governance (EDG).


  • We’ll look at where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you are headed. We’ll evaluate your technology, processes, and structures/roles to support a mature data-enabled organization.
  • We’ll identify gaps, provide recommendations on filling those gaps, and develop a roadmap with suggested milestones and resource requirements.
  • And we’ll determine whether you’re in a good position to support more advanced analytics and data science activities in the future.

Does your healthcare organization need a data catalog?

Reach out to learn more about our data & analytics assessments — or sign up for occasional insight emails to see if Compendium is right for you.

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