Why did CentraCare choose Compendium? So leaders can find the reports they need.

CentraCare, Success Story

If any organization was in need of a good data catalog, it was CentraCare — and their data, analytics, and reporting teams knew it. They were spending hours every week trying to track down reports for managers. Now they’ve freed up time for more important work.


With 11,000 employees and nine hospitals and clinics scattered throughout central Minnesota, CentraCare has generated thousands of reports across every possible platform, from Power BI to SAP Business Objects to Epic, Oracle, and more. These reports are valuable — each one provides important insights into how the organization is performing — but there was a problem:

No one could find what they needed. There were just too many reports, in too many places.

In fact, the analytics team was getting an average of 40 requests a week for reports that, many times, already existed and simply couldn’t be found.

“We aren’t missing the reports. We’re missing the tool to help people find them.”

The problem was clear.

Regina Duval, manager of analytics at CentraCare, summed up this challenge to leadership like this: “We aren’t missing the reports. We’re missing the tool to help people find them.”

It was clear to everyone this issue was draining productivity — not just for the data team, but also for managers and leaders. With as much as CentraCare had invested into digital transformation, they needed to know their data was accessible and usable, quickly and easily.

So what’s the solution?

For CentraCare, the answer is the Compendium Healthcare Data Catalog. According to Regina, there are a few key reasons they knew Compendium was right for them:

  • Regina and her team want to “democratize” their organization’s data, and Compendium makes this possible. With its user-friendly format, Compendium makes it easy for anyone in the organization to find the reports they need, without needing help from the data team.
  • CentraCare also likes that Compendium supports a “crowd-sourcing approach to data stewardship”, so everyone has a stake in keeping the organization’s reports organized and usable. Compendium makes this easy. People can customize the attributes, business objects, and metadata for every report they create, so it’s easy for anyone else to find it (and understand it) later.
  • And, finally, CentraCare knew Compendium could be implemented easily, without major disruption, and with a skilled team of healthcare experts supporting the process.

Up and running in a few weeks

It’s still the early days of CentraCare’s experience with Compendium, but things are moving quickly. Data is being pulled into the catalog and dozens of managers, leaders, and data professionals throughout the organization have been trained on how easy it is to find and catalog their own reports with Compendium.

CentraCare’s leaders are saying this solution is clearly needed, and they’re looking forward to how much time — and wasted effort — Compendium can save. Stay tuned for updates on how their journey goes.

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